Creative Services of QASP

  1. Strategic Planning, Feasibility Analysis and Value Engineering for Sustainable Development of major projects

  2. Creative and Top Quality of Complete Architectural Services (Architectural Programming, Creative design concepts, Digital 3D Modeling, High quality rendered perspectives, Physical Models, Construction Documents with detailed working drawings, Landscape design, Interior Design, Specification Writing, and Quantity Surveying)

  3. Managing Complete Engineering Services (Structural, Electromechanical, Security, Networking, Fire, etc.) through our Distinguished partners of Engineering consultants

  4. Building Information Models (BIM) for all building types

  5. Energy Simulation and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  6. Utilization of Advanced and Intelligent Building Technologies for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency including Renewable Energy.

  7. 3D Real-time Intelligent Multi-User Virtual Environments for Real Estate Marketing & Remote Construction Management.

  8. Facilities Management for Operation and Maintenance.