1. Excellence of QASP is manifested in treating you as a partner rather than a client. Our primary aim is to stimulate, inspire and facilitate your needs throughout the process to make your projects exceed your expectations. This will be achieved through imaginative, intelligent and creative architectural solutions to your requirements while bridging the boundaries of interrelated disciplines. Quality, commitment, creativity, and sustainable relationship are the key drivers of QASP.

  2. Dynamic and participative design process is the strategic approach to QASP to satisfy users' needs and live up to their prospects. This is implemented with rigorous architectural programming, diversity of interpretations, alternative scenarios and shaping up the future of architecture.

  3. Articulate attention to details and technical design issues distinguish the performance of QASP.

  4. Efficiency is our work style and observed in our activities. We coordinate with other engineering consultants to ensure that the architectural quality is maintained. Our non-routine approaches to surpass your anticipations and handling every task uniquely are what make us a preferable choice.